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Archie Cogollos

Actor. Host. Voice-Over Actor. Duly Qualified Bilingual Translator and Interpretor. 

Archie is a 10 year acting veteran with a background in stage film, commercials and voice overs.His wide spectrum of experience and range includes Shayna Maidel's Mordecai Weiss, Political thrillers such as HBO's Recount and In the Machine. His roles include playing Patriarchs, Mafia Bosses/Members, Detectives, and judges. While Archie is fluent in Spanish and Italian, his multi-ethnic look allows him to portray Eastern and Western European ethniticies.

You can currently catch Archie in a national Little Ceasar's pizza commercial.


Archie also works as a Duly Qualified Court Interpreter and Translator with a background in Constitutional Law.  Raised in ethnically rich New York city and Cuba, he has traveled the globe and lived in over ten.As a customer service operations manager and supervisor in the airlines, Archie all the while was absorbing the multiple cultures and languages. Archie looks forward to one day working with the Kings of New York, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keitel, and Christopher Walken.  Archie has a degree from Florida State University, in Political Science, History and Spanish.

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